About Us

Centro Dinámico Pegaso is an operating agency and specialized testing, training & experience center for the automotive industry. In addition due to the location, size and functionality of its own facilities and pool of services provided, the company has also established itself as a specialized forum that allows it to host various exclusive or unique massive outdoor events in Mexico.

We are a 100% Mexican based company with more than 2 decades of proven experience and currently a leader agent in providing commercial solutions for the mobility industry in the development, testing, training, promotion and sales stages of its products, services and experiences. We also have the capacity to provide our services in the main cities of the country.

Furthermore, with Foro Pegaso we have produced massive (+100 thousand attendees/day) national and international musical, sports and cultural events within our venue (e.g. festivals, concerts, drive-in concerts, duathlons, car, bicycles & drone races, expos, conventions, filming for TV, cinema, commercials, among others).

Centro Dinámico Pegaso consists of 4 operating divisions: Automotive Industry, Specialized Training, Experiences and Foro Pegaso.

Our venue has all the services and infrastructure needed to develop and host exclusive or massive outdoor unique events for a maximum capacity of +100,000 people day/event in face-to-face traditional format, +6,500 parking spaces, business centers, enclosed forums, nursing-infirmary, platforms for heliports, among others.

Centro Dinámico Pegaso has a total operating area of 44.5 hectares (445 thousand m2, or est. 110 acres), is located in Toluca, State of Mexico, less than 30 minutes away from Mexico City and less than 10 mins away from Toluca’s International Airport.


To be an agent of change that fosters a responsible, institutional and memorable experience for the mobility, learning and entertainment industry in Mexico.


To be the country’s leading company in providing dynamic and interactive solutions for the development, training and marketing of products and services related to the automotive industry; as well as to be a musical, sports and cultural forum for exclusive or massive outdoor unique events in Mexico.

Important Notes:

a) If any of our Clients wishes only to activate (rent) our facilities, and/or only use some of our services for a particular event, they can carry it out so to achieve, where appropriate, any sought synergies. The foregoing, without implying to pass on any type of additional (or displacement) cost for not hiring some of our given services.

b) The content described on this page is not final and may be modified at any time and without prior notice. For more information please contact: pegaso@pegaso.com.mx // 01 722 276 0256 ext. 201 or 202.