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Services Description

Because we are also passionate about supporting various Clients´ profiles from different industries, we generated this division to solve the needs related to memorable, unique and fun experiences indirectly linked, or not, with the automotive industry.

The foregoing allows us to provide, among others, the following services:
1. Support the efforts of communication, promotion, team integration, incentive, training, competitions, testing and sales of our Clients, through creative, dynamic and group experiences aimed for various types of companies, groups, clubs, associations, government agencies, etc., through the activation of motor vehicles in our test tracks.

2. Synergies achievements between legal entities and their fleet vehicles suppliers (for officials, executives, operators, etc.) to create the aforementioned experiences for their customers, shareholders, key employees, authorities, etc. by using "demo" cars contributed by the automotive industry, due to the benefits and/or cross-promotions generated between the involved parties

3. Generation of a word-of-mouth prestige, pride of belonging and brand loyalty in favor of the products and/or services of our Clients through vivid and memorable experiences with the support of artists, opinion leaders, press, influencers, and their respective social networks.

4. Operation of these said experiences within our facilities and/or in our country’s most important automotive venues in a simultaneously or staggered fashion, activating our multidisciplinary work team: Event Executive Manager, Pegaso Instructors & Pilots, In Track Support Staff, executive concierge services, private land-air transfers, security services, among others.

5. Integration of partial or total "turnkey" projects by taking advantage of our vertically integrated operations agency services (creativity services, design, production and logistics operation of events).

6. Co-production of events related to Specialized Market Assessments Agencies for the Automotive Industry, through call work and focused group driving experiences with simultaneous activities in and and off our test tracks; with time and activities optimizations in accordance to the dynamics of such analyses.

7. Production, marketing and operation of symposiums, fairs and/or expos related to the mobility industry, road safety, public transport & cargo, automotive, auto parts, etc. such as "Dynamic on Track Auto Shows" – Either events for the general public or private: We work on the creative concept, design, production, call and logistics operation of interactive driving experiences (single or multi-brand) with a capacity of attention up to 5,000 pax/day activating +70 motor vehicles simultaneously in all our test tracks (+80,000 m2 of paved areas) and service facilities such as: Business centers, lounges, paddocks, forums, gardens, internal parking lots, among others.

8. Production, marketing and operation of music concerts -private- in face-to-face mode (less than 5,000 pax per function) and/or drive-in format for up to 2,500 cars per play, with or without parallel car activities in our test tracks. Note: For massive music events in any modality for more than 5,000 pax per day and up to +100,000 pax per day, see the Foro Pegaso Division.

9. Execution and coordination of various work groups experiences arriving from our country´s main cities and/or from abroad that fly directly into Toluca´s International Airport with direct transfers to our venue (located just 8 mins. from such airport) and vs.

10. Activación de nuestros convenios con hoteles y restaurantes sede de la CDMX (Zona Corporativa de Santa Fe), Ciudad de Toluca, Metepec, Lerma, Valle de Bravo, Interlomas, Satélite, Bosque Real (gracias a la nueva autopista de Toluca – Naucalpan ubicada a 2 mins de nuestro recinto), etc. y servicios de visitas turísticas especializadas para sitios de interés.

Important Notes:

a) If any of our Clients wishes only to activate (rent) our facilities, and/or only use some of our services for a particular event, they can carry it out so to achieve, where appropriate, any sought synergies. The foregoing, without implying to pass on any type of additional (or displacement) cost for not hiring some of our given services.

b) The content described on this page is not final and may be modified at any time and without prior notice. For more information please contact: [email protected] // 01 722 276 0256 ext. 201 or 202.


Some examples of what you will find with us.

Experiences Division