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(Test Tracks and Infrastructure):

Additional to the strategic location (est. 30 minutes away from the western area of Mexico City, which features the highest Socioeconomic Level in the region) of the approx. 45 hectares (est. 110 acres) comprising the compound, and the certification of our Pegaso Pilot Instructors by various premium automotive brands we collaborate with, our Test Tracks were specially designed under the “Experience & Brand Safety”®. philosophy.

The “Experience & Brand Safety”®. concept depends intrinsically on the design & utilization of the tracks, and activated infrastructure, considering logistical execution & safety applied to events under the “from inside out & vs” criteria (meaning “from On-Track to Off-Track activities & vs”), allowing us in turn:

a. Maximizing the experiential, and positive perception for participants during automotive dynamic activations while minimizing the systematic risks for them, clients-hosts, sponsors, and operators of these experiences.

b. Facilitating the achievement of desired commercial, marketing, technical, and/or training objectives through safety prioritized protocols in timing & motions of On-Track, and Off-Track activities & vs, according to the Lay Outs, Programs, and Simultaneous Group Modules so to optimize safety, and work times.

Hence, our Test Tracks were designed from their inception by expert Engineers, and Instructors from the German Training Divisions for Sporty, Safe, and Secure Driving of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Jaguar & Land Rover, among others, under the aforementioned “Experience & Brand Safety”®. philosophy.

Examples of this include the prestigious international event “Porsche World Road Show,” held successfully at Centro Dinámico Pegaso for over the past 20 years. Also, since 2017, we hold a “Guinness World Record” in logistical-dynamic automotive activities (longest caravan of moving, rhythmic, continuous-controlled Ford Mustang cars). This record has been contested at least 3 occasions in other countries, without any success as of this date.

Some of the main characteristics of our Test Tracks, and associated services while bearing in mind our “Experience & Brand Safety”®. ideology, are as follows:

1. +80,000 m2 of paved tracks, and foundations prepared to accommodate heavy vehicles (armored, buses, trucks, full trailers, etc.), including their corresponding access roads,

2. Multiple layouts, and track configurations (12x) with ample, and secure escape areas for high speed circuits,

3. Track widths of over 20 meters in primary straights lines, and inner circuits of approx. 13 meters wide,

4. Paved perimeter circuit for sport driving of approx. 2 km endorsed by the FIA for Formula F4 car competitions previously held in the compound,

5. Professional starting grid of polished asphalt concrete, 70 meters long by 20 meters wide with underground sprinkler irrigation, and electrical power (including 5th generation both telemetry & led screens along with a movable control tower) for professional ¼ Mile drag tests & competitions, including an acceleration straight line of +700 meters long by 20 meters wide, followed by a wide return of +250 meters in length, along with a braking zone and emergency ramp,

6. Secondary portable telemetry systems for speed and timing measurements,

7. Two circles for turning exercises (drifting) of polished asphalt concrete up to 60 meters in radius with underground sprinkler irrigation with different friction coefficients,

8. Slippery braking zone of polished asphalt concrete with underground sprinkler irrigation, 55 meters long by 5 meters wide,

9. Ample paddock areas for multi-configurable exercises, from 5,000 m2 to 25,000 m2,

10. Approx. 18,000 m2 of 4x4 area, a 10-meter-high pyramid with inclinations from 25° to 45°, wading zone, flex, inclinations, acceleration zone, braking, and approx. 50,000 m2 of areas for 4x2 vehicles, and various portable 4x4 exercises,

11. Business centers at the trackside with VIP parking,

12. Multiple chargers for electric cars from different brands,

13. Electric lift for vehicle repairs up to 4 tons,

14. Basic tire service center,

15. Vehicle washing area,

16. 4 Heliports at the trackside,

17. Complementary F&B services, classrooms, and enclosed forums of approx. 700 m2 at the trackside,

18. Kitchens equipped with cooling chambers to serve up to +1,500 pax,

19. Medical center & ambulance with paramedics,

20. Electrical substation,

21. Self-sufficiency in continuous water supply with a responsible eco-consumption philosophy,

22. Storm tank for collecting rainwater, and irrigation of the compound’s tree reserve,

23. Internal network of biodigesters for permanent water treatment audited by third parties,

24. Privacy and security, CCTV +60 cameras 24/7,

25. Comprehensive Agency Services for VIP, and massive events, technical, creative, and logistical operations (from training, display productions for vehicle presentations, stages, image, audio and video; to campaign calls & database generation with online pre-registration, e-learning, apps, and web apps, among other services).

Special Note: Additional internal territorial reserve for developing new test tracks which can also be interconnected with the venue’s current tracks: +180,000 m2 (est. 45 acres).

Select one of our Tracks or Platforms from the list below, to see the selected area in more details:

1. Pegaso Track:

2. Perseo Track:

3. Apolo Track:

4. Hercules Track:

5. Zeus Track:

6. Andromeda Track:

7. Dinamica Platform:

8. Plataforma Minotauro:

Layouts for event activations at Centro Dinámico Pegaso and Foro Pegaso:

Since its foundation, Centro Dinámico Pegaso began with an ecological initiative responsible for the surrounding environment and the quality of life in the area in which it is located.

Based on the above, our Maintenance Area with the support of Agronomists and Hydrology Engineers have created an eco-sensitive infrastructure that includes various work tasks, such as:

a) Accumulation, use, and recycling of rainwater:
We capture and channel excess rainwater through our 2-sized soccer field tank with a capacity of 3,500 cubic meters which serves as clean source of water for internal use, and irrigation of green areas during the dry season.

b) Special care of our tree reservoir:
We have a collection of +8,000 trees between 5 and 28 years of age of different species ranging from: White cedar (cupressus lusitánica), cedar (cupressus lindleyi), weeping willow (salix-babylonica), Chinese pine (pinus-leiophylla) and pine ( pinus montezumae) among various types of herbs and shrubs. All our trees are properly inventoried and cared for in order to ensure their longevity. Additionally, every year in the rainy season we carry out an initiative of trees´reforestation where some are reproduced from the branches of the weeping willows themselves and others come from acquisitions in specialized nurseries.

c) Administration of our internal biodigesters network:
We have more than a dozen independent primary water treatments systems which are periodically reviewed throughout the year by third parties to ensure a healthy reintegration of water into the hydrological ecosystem of the enclosure.

d) Monitoring and control of basic services:
To achieve an ecologically responsible operation, strict policies were established regarding the use of water, cleaning services, generation of organic and inorganic waste, pest control, recycling and garbage collection through third-party specialists.

Important Notes:

a) If any of our Clients wishes only to activate (rent) our facilities, and/or only use some of our services for a particular event, they can carry it out so to achieve, where appropriate, any sought synergies. The foregoing, without implying to pass on any type of additional (or displacement) cost for not hiring some of our given services.

b) The content described on this page is not final and may be modified at any time and without prior notice. For more information please contact: [email protected] // 01 722 276 0256 ext. 201 or 202.