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Centro Dinámico Pegaso, in addition to being an operating agency and specialized center for the automotive industry, due to the location, size and functionality of its own facilities and services provided, the company was also constituted as a specialized venue (Foro Pegaso) for the production of various exclusive and/or massive unique outdoor events in Mexico with a max. capacity +100,000 spectators per day event.

Since 2008, Foro Pegaso has received multiple massive national and international music, sports and cultural events (i.e. festivals, concerts, drive-in concerts, duathlons, people races, bicycles and drones, expos, conventions, filming for TV, cinema, commercials, among others).

Our working method:

With a very simple formula, Foro Pegaso has managed to work in a synergistic way with third parties for massive productions, facilitating our Clients (Producers and/or Promoters) to concentrate mainly on the activities that generate direct value, and not to be "distracted" in the "foundation working stages" of any event (tasks in which Foro Pegaso can be concentrated as "Operational Co-producer").

In other words, Foro Pegaso as "Operational Co-producer" for massive third-party events, concentrates on the following tasks:

1. Venue activation (or rent), including: Esplanades, paddocks, enclosed forums, tracks, dressing rooms, business centers, lounges, gardens, special accesses, etc.

2. Advice and monitoring of permits with the competent authorities.

3. Management support of civil protection programs for the production of the event.

4. Support in tasks of call to action - advertising - promotion of the event through our databases, in-house media reciprocities, influencers and social networks.

5. Activation of our own ticket sale service (where the database is part of our Client´s asset), or traditional activation of third-party ticket sale services.

6. Bar, food and beverages operation in accordance with current regulations, where most of the operating profits can be transferred directly to our Clients.

7. Basic set – up/ assembly services, image, video-memory, furniture, associated equipment and office support.

8. Catering service for our Clients: talent, staff, and production.

9. In situm self-service parking for up to 6,500 vehicles, including interurban buses and trucks services departing from strategic locations of Mexico City, and others Mexican Regional Cities bound to the venue and vs, if needed.

10. Activation of in situm video-montitoring center (+60 cameras) and immediate reaction service for the venue´s activated areas and accesses.

11. Private air transportation service (including in situm heliport activation for Vips and talent).

12. Installation of luminaires in specific areas.

13. Intramural security service.

14. Ambulance/paramedical service (including the activation of a nursing-infirmary area in situm).

15. Intramural cleaning service.

16.Installation of the portable toilet services.

17. Management support for special treatment agreements with the hotel corridor of Toluca, Metepec and the western area of Mexico City.

18. Activation of internal area for Vip camping up to +38,500 m2 with sanitary services, security, cleaning, among others.

19. Activation of the outdoor area for general camping up to +35,000 m2 (located within a 3 minutes walk from one of the venue´s rear accesses).

20. Activation of the venue´s civil liability insurance policy against third parties damages and the venue´s specific civil protection (emergencies) program (both necessary and independent of the event´s general production).

21. Others (examples: Financial operative pre-valuation of massive events through the activation of Foro Pegaso’s dynamic financial model, as well as, advice, management and administration of sponsorships, etc.).

In other words, the depicted working method provides our Clients (Producers/Promoters) with two important benefits:

(i) To be able to liberate valuable time by not fully addressing with the "foundation working stages" (early described), associated with these events which are directly attended by Foro Pegaso.

(ii) Based on the above, they can therefore mainly focus their efforts on activities that generate direct value for massive events, such as:

a) Talent selection and hiring.

b) Production of (activated) main stage(s) and corresponding technical riders (along with their respective waivers).

c) Activation of advertising and promotion strategies and campaigns to achieve a successful call to action.

d) Public relations and press attention.

e) Management and administration of sponsors.

f) Ticket sales management.

g) Security services for talent.

h) Supervise the operation of bars, food and beverages services.

i) Activating insurance and guarantee-bond contracts.

j) General production of the event.

k) Others.

Also, one of the venue´s advantages for large productions is the possibility of activating multiconfigurable assemblies ("lego" type): Large spaces (totally flat and solid) for assemblies for up to 6 multiple stages, vast stands exhibition areas, tents, grandstands, dynamic vehicle test and food truck areas.

Regarding internal logistics benefits, Foro Pegaso also has 19 pedestrian accesses/exits and 12 simultaneous and/or independent car lanes operation, +6,500 parking spaces with both accesses and separate areas for Vips, staff, production, assistants, suppliers, interurban buses & trucks (150x), etc.terurbanos (150x), etc.

Similarly, and thanks to our operation´s capabilities, Foro Pegaso managed to be the first company to have designed, produced and logistically operated the three largest drive-in concerts in the world, and also in 360 or 180 degree stage formats. The maximum capacity under this modality is +2,600 cars/event day (i.e. est. +10,000 attendees day/event who can be inside and/or on the immediate side of their vehicles to enjoy the show). This achievement was obtained during the pandemic season.

Foro Pegaso has an ecological reserve of more than 8,000 trees of various species planted in perimeter areas of the enclosure, multiple gardens & biodigesters, mega storm tank for rainwater recycling, sprinkler irrigation systems, among other equipments, which also provide a responsible image for the venue related to environment and ecological matters.

The enclosure has a total operating area of 44.5 hectares (445 thousand mts2, or this 110 acres), is located between Mexico City and Toluca City (State of Mexico), less than 30 minutes away from Mexico City and less than 10 mins away from the Toluca´s International Airport.

Likewise, the events of Foro Pegaso have proven to be a catalyst of economic spillover, generator of employment and promotion of investments in Mexico City, and the State of Mexico with Regional Impact on the Counties of Toluca, Metepec, Lerma, Xonacatlán, Ocoyoacac, Valle de Bravo, among others, in addition to the fact that the venue is also located just 30 minutes away from the Naucalpan County (thanks to the new highway that connects the enclosure with Interlomas, Bosque Real, Huixquilucan, Lomas Verdes, Satélite, Chiluca and other areas near the exit to the State of Querétaro).

Annex: Example of professional sports activities in Foro Pegaso:

Gran Fondo Giro D’Italia Estado de México, Etapa 3 (03/18):

International class event carried out in coordination with the Government of the State of Mexico and with the endorsement of its Sport and Physical Culture Secretary where Foro Pegaso received more than 1,500 professional and amateur cyclists within a family and fun environment. The participants competed in different categories within a route divided into two classes:

i) Gran Fondo of 120 kms.

ii) Medium depth of 60 kms.

Both classes left our enclosure to continue to the Toluca, Isidro Fabela, Jiquipilco, Xonacatlán Counties, and thus reached the Otomi Ceremonial Center in Temoaya to later undertake the return to Foro Pegaso to cross the finish line. Likewise, the participants were able to enjoy various entertainment activities, food court areas and a shopping area for cycling clothing and accessories.

Important Notes:

a) To this date, Foro Pegaso does not have (nor has it had) entered into any exclusivity agreement (or similar) with any sponsoring brand, nor ticketing, venue operators, producers, promoters, agencies, representatives, among others. If necessary, to ensure dates reservations and/or hiring of our services, we recommend confirmations and/or direct dealings with our company.

b) The content described on this page is not final and may be modified at any time and without prior notice. For more information please contact: [email protected] // Tels. 722 276 0256 ext. 201 or 202.


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